Learning Thai

Every visitor to Thailand should at least attempt to learn a few Thai phrases out of basic courtesy to our host. It does not take much to learn ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ and is appreciated by Thai people who invest a lot of time and effort learning English so they can communicate with foreigners.

To the average westerner, learning Thai with its multiple tones and unfamiliar script is a daunting task and although it is easy enough to get by with English and a few phrases, successful living in Thailand depends on having at least a basic grounding in Thai language skills. Most westerners that can speak conversational Thai or better readily state that it greatly improves their quality of life and enhances the experience of being in Thailand.

Recommended Places to Learn Thai in Chiang Mai

Payap University
Payap University
Super-highway Chiang Mai - Lumpang Road,
Amphur Muang,
Chiang Mai, 50000
Tel (+66) 53 241 255
Email: intaff payap ac th

Payap have an excellent intensive Thai language program from Beginner to Advanced and beyond.


Rachdamnoen Road (Sunday Walking Street)
Phra Singh
Tel - 053 278 407
Fax - 053 211 973
Intensive courses from beginner level plus individual tuition available


The Chiang Mai YMCA offersa range of Thai languge courses from beginner level.

Private Tuition

There are also numerous private teachers in and around Chiang Mai who will offer Thai language tuition in your home or office.