Markets in Chiang Mai Thailand

Chiang Mai has a great selection of markets that delight residents and visitors alike. This guide is a summary of the main markets in Chiang Mai organised by type. Some of the markets merit a page all to themselves. Click on the links to find out more about the best markets in the city.

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

The Night Bazaar is the most famous of all Chiang Mai's markets


Food and Household Markets

Worarot Market

Worarot Market, known locally as Kad Luang, is the main local market

Muang Mai Wholesale Market

The Muang Mai Market is the main wholesale area for fresh produce in Chiang Mai and for anyone interested in food it is a must visit.

Sompet Market

Located on the inside of the moat on Moon Muang Road. Sompet is a fresh food market that is a particularly good place to buy fruit. Being located in a tourist area near many hotels and guesthouse it is an easy location for tourists to sample a local style market.

Ton Payorm Market

If you are in the west of the city near the University area Ton Payom market is the place to visit for fresh food and household goods.

Chang Pueuk Market

A local market serving the north of the city close to Chang Pueuk Gate

Sanpakhoy Market

Located across the river on Charoen Muang towards the railway station. Sanpakhoy is one of the busiest local markets.

Meechok Market

Very handy if you are visiting the Rim Ping Supermarket off the second ring road (Highway 1011). The market is right next to the supermarket and offers an alternative source of fresh produce.

Craft and Walking Markets

Sunday Walking Street Market - Ratchadamnoen Road

A Chiang Mai Institution, the Sunday Market is not only a showcase for the best of Thai arts and crafts, it is an evening out for the whole city!

Saturday Wualai Market

Wualai Saturday Market runs from Chiang Mai Gate on the south side of the Old City in the old silversmith district of the city. The market opens at about 4pm and runs until 11pm. The market consists of traditional crafts and there are particularly some great silver items to be found along side the usual array of food and drink stalls offering tasty snacks.

Kad Sum Murd

Kad Sum Murd Market takes place from Thursday to Saturday in front of Kad Suan Kaew (Central) shopping centre. The market is candlelit and atmospheric and buzzes with local shoppers. The markets sells craft goods and Thai nick nicks.




Plant & Flower Markets

Ton Lamyai Flower Market

Ton Lamyai is th main flower market for Chiang Mai.

Khamtieng Plant Market

Khamtieng Plant market is a gardeners paradise.