Shopping for Computers in Chiang Mai

There are many options in Chiang Mai for the purchase of computer hardware, software and peripherals in Chiang Mai.

Pantip Plaza

Located on the corner of Chang Klan and Sri Donchai Road, Pantip is the smaller version of the mega computer mall of the same name in Bangkok. Pantip Plaza is the largest IT store in northern Thailand and is a good place to start if you are serious about finding purchasing computer equipment in Chiang Mai.

Many of the big names in computers have their own dedicated stores at Pantip Plaza including Sony, Hewlett Packard and Acer. These sell the very latest in PCs, notebooks and other AV equipment, There are also a number of shops selling components that can either build you a machine to spec or upgrade an existing machine. A numer of shops sell peripherals - cables, usb ports, card readers etc

For repair there is a very good shop on in the back, right hand corner on the second floor and a man who seems to be able too fix all kinds of computer related equipment.

There are shops selling genuine software but these are outnumbered by the number of pirate retailers seemingly selling every programme ever made. Purchasing pirate software is, of course, illegal and may contain virus threats which could harm your computer.

Computer Plaza

Computer Plaza is a smaller IT mall located in the outside of the north wall of the Old City on Mani Noppharat Road. Computer Plaza is in the middle of three similar centres along this road and is the best.

Although small, there are a number of good shops here and particularly recommended is Goodspeed an official dealer for NEC and Toshiba but also selling other products. Goodspeed has a good maintenance team and are very useful if you have a problems with your computer.

Shopping Malls

Both shopping malls have a number of computer shops selling both hardware and peripherals.

Apple Macs in Chiang Mai

There are two Apple centres in Chiang Mai for Mac users, The Apple Centre on Sirimangkalajarn Rd off Huay Kaew Road just past Kad Suan Kaew or the smaller Apple Corner on floor 3, Central Airport Plaza.

Call 053-224058-9, 053-285019 or 01-7642427.